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Don’t You (Forget about LA)….Oh wait, that might be happening right about now

So, I’ve been in London since August 18th, and I could move here. Well, I already did, but I’m loving every second. Living here is magical. Any job offer in London, give me a call. Please.

Just gotta mention, I’ve got a great crew of flatmates that I am so grateful to have been assigned with whom to live. We go out together, make all our trips together, and generally function well in living with strange

 bathroom floors and 8 people sharing one sink. Everyone in my program (of 12) is kind and fun to be around. Just had to get out that little love-fest.

So, post-Brighton. We went to Shakespeare’s Globe on Wednesday. OH my goodness the best production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream that I’ve ever seen. Helena was Helen-us. Ethnicity was of no importance–well, certainly ethnicity is of importance, but the parts were cast based on the quality of the actor as opposed to whichever skin color/race/religion he or she practiced/etc. The role was given to the most talented performer. As it should always be! (Hollywood, take note!) It’s amazing to recognize how modernized and made for this day

and age this production was with such references as “Hoxton Hipsters” and Bankside, considering the traditional and classical notions one would associate with Shakespeare’s namesake theatre. And the final skit was the most hilarious I’ve ever seen the play-within-a-play performed! The crew at the Globe played the roles too, which was so immersive and an even more engrossing experience. We had gone on a walk around South Bank that day (smelling the gloriousness of Borough Market but unfortunately not consuming any of the delectable goodies—YET) and then stood for 3 hours in “the Yard” to watch the performance. Half of my friends left, but I stayed with Kristy and Claudia pretty close to the front of the stage and had the BEST time.

At the end, I couldn’t help but dance walking out of the theatre all the way along the Thames back to our flat, as the show ended with a Bollywood-inspired dance number. I also met a man from Long Island (sup, parents?) who now teaches in Denmark and informed me that his tour group of 15-year-old students can speak FOUR languages. FOUR. Danish, English, French, and German. I learned Spanish and it’s still buried in my brain, but man, did that make me feel inept about my education. Really have to get on that learning how to speak Italian goal of mine from summer…..

Oh ALSO my classes are pretty fun! I’m taking a Comparative Media course looking at the US and the UK–my homework was to watch The Great British Bake-Off! Rhetoric of London was cool (talked about the Olympics on our first day) and Social Movements was interesting (maybe I’ll do an assignment on women’s suffrage?). Justin Lorentzen is the bomb (our Interpreting Pop Culture professor). He walks in wearing these grand round frames, a tuxedo jacket, and slicked back white hair. We talked about traveling and stereotypes about Americans Londoners have for us (they don’t think American guys dress well…can’t really disagree about college guys) for the first half of class, then watched fun videos of One Direction, Elvis, MJ, and The Beatles for the second half (analyzing their pop culture-ness).

OK I MUST enlighten the world on my haven that I do not know how I lived without for 20 years: BOROUGH MARKET.

It’s like any Farmer’s Market you’ve ever been to x1000. They have street food and awesome deliciousness to take home. I got a ‘Sausage Bab,’ which was so amazing oh my

gosh could’ve had three. I also got one of the big cookies (thanks for the rec, Gabby!)–dark chocolate for the win. This dessert pop-up was in the back of the market, and they also had the most insane-looking meringues that I did n

ot try but had to capture via my camera. I saw this great pie place called “Pie Minister” (how cute) that I definitely want to try next time, or I’ll just go to the café they have near me along South Bank! Or both! But anyhow I got 5 figs for 2 pounds (yum) and a whole loaf of rosemary focaccia

that I ate within a span of 2 days and was sublimely pleased to consume. I want to go there every single week, and this is probably where most of my cash is going to go tbh.

The next day Nicole, Claudia, and I went for a lovely walk along South Bank. We are so close to the Eye, it’s ridiculous. We must go once peak-season ends (October, maybe?).


Later that night we went to Zoo Bar, which was a blast! They had an actual “cheese” room where they played “Wannabe,” some TSwizz, and some Grease hits. Not too shabby. Plus, got to wear my romper out before the weather becomes too unbearable for such attire.

Sunday we went to Cereal Killer Café, where I got the highly-coveted luxury item of Reese’s Puffs (it was actually more expensive to purchase an American cereal, strangely) with some bananas and almond

 milk. Yes, I’m healthy/boring/what have you, but if I have too much concentrated sugar my brain is NOT happy. Trust me from experience (that’s ethos for you, Rhetoric in London class). Shoreditch is actually such a cool area. Like the Arts District of London. For Justin’s birthday/end of Taryn’s birthday, we went and had some lovely cider over by the London Eye. Not having class on a Monday is marvelous.


We ventured down to the little carnival by our place to ride the spinny swing (I’m 5) before summer ends and then went back to our new fave Shoreditch for Justin’s birthday dinner. Had a YUM

black truffle pizza (SO much cheaper in Europe!!!!!) with “taleggio” cheese. Wasn’t sure what taleggio was, but I asked the waiter and he said it was a “sha

rp, Italian cheese.”I was sold. I mean, cheese. Italian cheese. Any cheese really except bleu (ew).

We went to a cute dessert shop after called “Motown” and I downed a hot chocolate, but oddly they couldn’t actually play “Motown” music because of copyright. Weird. Sketchy. Perhaps want to change the name?

Back to school days (LOL my weekends are longer than my weekdays), Claudia and I went to a charming “Cream Tea”–just tea and scones, no petit fours or finger sandwiches required–on Tuesday. It was this place called

“Soho’s Secret Tea Room” above a pub (fun find!) that we went to midday, and the woman running it was so sweet (she got us some plain scones too). PLUS it was only 10 minutes from Accent. Um I certainly hope to become a regular and know this kind woman by name.

We also went to a USC Summer Pub Night last night and met some really kind fellow Trojans (Trojan fam is real, no irony intended), and they gave us so many tips on studying abroad, adjusting to London life, and how to meet some Brits!!!!!!!!

Can’t wait for this weekend (Dublin) and my future trips we’ve booked (Edinburgh, Milan/Verona/Venice, Stratford-upon-Avon, etc.) and have yet to book!

Living in London is so exciting and there is SO much to do. Don’t know how I’ll do it all (can’t possibly), but I’m having the most exhilarating time trying.

Cheers, Tara xx
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