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Cheers, LA (shortly)

Hello my dear friends/family/loved ones! Welcome to my blog!!!! Can’t believe the day I depart LA is so soon—eight days from now. EIGHT DAYS. I’ve been dreaming about studying abroad and living in England for as long as I can remember back to my childhood (probably initially inspired by watching What a Girl Wants), and now the day is nearly here.


I guess for those who don’t know me, I should give a little background about myself. My name is Tara Bitran. I was born and raised in LA but my fam’s from New York, which is why you might hear me say ARE-ange instead of OR-ange. But don’t worry, I’m not as much of a pronunciation


Ordinarily I detest cherry

stickler as my mom is 😉 I am about to enter my JUNIOR YEAR at USC (how am I already HALFWAY DONE with college? WHAT!) and am taking this semester to explore the beauty and historical majesty that is London, England. Unreal that I’m actually leaving. I am an unabashed Anglophile and love film (Linklater is a MASTER) and TV (Buffy, Outlander, Game of Thrones, Downton, The Sopranos, Gilmore Girls ALL THE WAY). I have always loved the arts and humanities–much respect to math and engineering majors, but I regret that I shall never perform the occupation of an accountant. Novels, theatre, musicals, singing, piano playing, writing, history–those are more my cup of tea (that pun was totally unintentional, but I fully embrace it).


Even though I’m leaving in a week, the reality that I won’t be living at home (which has been a struggle in itself this summer after living on my own for a year, let me tell you) and moving back to SC in a few weeks still hasn’t fully set in. I waffle between moments of pure delirium, like getting my HOUSING ASSIGNMENT in the mail today that I


HOW is this where I’m living?! Fun fact: Conway Hall was a filming location in Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes

will be living with the lovely CLAUDIA BUCCIO (who you will see frequently in my abroad pics, so get ready!) at Conway Hall in South Bank, London. Near the LONDON EYE and the GLOBE THEATRE! OK. Hopefully I’ll be able to get a ticket to see my fave Shakes! Definitely a long-shot now trying to get to see Cursed Child, but we’ll save that for another post!

And being pretty nervous about moving out all on my own to a new country. I’ve been dreaming of this for my whole life, but how will I do? How will I get cash? What if the Britons realize my British accent is fake? But I have to remind myself I am NOT the first person to study abroad. And I have to think about how feeling so many ~feelings~ is 100% normal and that this is my chance to really explore


and travel and see more of the world, which I have always longed to do! I didn’t leave my hometown for college, which is the typical time when most kids my age take that step towards adulthood. Sure, I didn’t live at home and had the most beautiful and amazing experience living on the Cinema Special Interest floor and garnering a second family that extended into sophomore year. But NOW is my chance to mature and grow and become my own independent woman! Gotta channel my inner Jane Eyre!

Anyhow, hope you’ll come along on this ride with me (I know at least my mom will be reading this) to see all my happenings, travel adventures, and musings about my new life as an expat (which I fully intend to extend into long-term citizenship if Trump ends up winning the election).

Cheers, Tara xx

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